Spare parts, service and warranty

By using original spare parts you make sure that your equipment will work just the way the manufacturer has intended. The down time is shorter when the work shops can rely on the spare parts fitting perfectly. The manufacturers spaceports are also technically the latest model.The manufacturer will grant a standard warranty for original spare parts.


Björn Kortman (Warranty, spare parts)
+358 (0) 207 939 365

Christer Åback (MTU)
+358 (0) 207 939 366

Jan Forsstedt (Spare parts)
+358 (0) 207 939 355

Spare parts   

Telva delivers original spare parts to all equipment sold by Telva. We will keep a stock of the most common parts and the rest will we deliver as soon as possible.


  • Telva is working in cooperation with Patria Aviation concerning services that needs to be done

  • Patria Aviation is an official MTU Service Dealer, who takes care of all MTU services.


Telva is applying the General Conditions of Sale by The Association of Finnish Technical Traders.
Please contact a representative at Telva, before starting to organise a warranty service.