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So far, no one has built an electric boat which can replace fossil boats. Even the most recent attempts have failed. The either get speed or range. Not both. The reason is simple. Planing boats need enormous amounts of energy.

By combining a light hull, the foils and the latest battery technology from the world of cars, Candela is the first electric boat to compete with combustion engines in range and speed.
The range with one charging is 50 NM, in 22 knots, with a top speed of 30 knots.

Thanks to an advanced control system Candela is stable in waves, moves silently, without making a wake.

Candela will be represented at the boat fair Vene 20, 7.-16.2.2020 in Helsinki.
The fastest can get a delivery for the season 2020.

Candela is a company based in Stockholm, that has brought together some of the world’s brightest researchers and engineers, to redefine what a boat is. More information on the team:

More information on Candela’s story, visit:


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