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50 NM in 22 knots – on one charge. 100% electric.

Until today, the challenge with planing electrical boats, has been the high energy consumption. The light hull made of coal fiber, the foils and the newest battery technology from the car world makes Candela the first 100% electric boat that can compete with a combustion engine boat in range and speed. The range on one charge is 50 nauticla miles at a speed of 22 knots.

Candela is silent and flies stable over the waves. Charging is economical and ecological. Loading in any harbour where an normal outlet is available (230V/16A). Approximately 12 hours for a full charge.

Candela is a company based in Stockholm, that has brought together some of the world’s brightest researchers and engineers, to redefine what a boat is. More information on the team:

The first prototype was ready in 2016. Now Candela is in serial delivery and new boats are being built in Stockholm.
The fastest can still get a delivery for the season 2020.

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Candela test drives, spring 2020

When Candela lifted the boat on foils, the target was to minimize energy consumption. As a bonus they manage to create a whole new boating-experience when the hull isn’t touching water. It’s silent, stable and a lot of fun flying over the waves. Join one of our test runs to experience the future of boating. 

>> Sat 9.5 Hanko Season Opening

>>  Fri 15.5 in Lauttasaari; Finnboat’s test drive day

>>La 13.6 Hanko, test driving for Tesla Club members (also non-Tesla owners are welcome)

More information, schedules and booking for test drives: please write an e-mail or fill in the form above,