CASE: Finnish Border Guard


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Role of the Border Guard

The Border Guard is a militarily organized authority responsible for internal security under the Ministry of the Interior. Its main tasks are border control at land borders and sea areas and border checks at border crossing points, ports and airports.



KOSKELO-class coastguard

KOSKELO class consisted of 8 vessels. The first boat built was Koskelo in 1955. Other boats in the class were Kuikka (1955), Kiisla, Kuovi (1956), Kurki (1957), Kaakkuri (1957), Telkä (1958) and Tavi (1960). In the 1990s, five ships were handed over to Estonia for border control tasks. PLV-102 Kaakkuri, PLV-101 Kuikka and PLV-100 Telkkä. The ships served in Estonia until the early 2000s.


Originally powered by Mercedes Benz

The ship was powered by two 836 Bb engines and produced a total of 1300 hp. The ships were originally 29 meters long and 5.1 meters wide. The draft was about 1.4 meters and the displacement were 90 tons. The vessels were built at the Valmet shipyard in Helsinki between 1955 and 1960. During the overhaul in the 1970s, the ship’s main engines were replaced, and engine power doubled. In addition, a number of changes were made to the vessels. There are now three ships in the class. Tavi as a diving support vessel in Turku, Koskelo as a restored charter vessel in Lahti and Telkä as a museum in Kotka. Photos: The Coast Guard Museum.