MTU is known worldwide for its reliability, modern technology and comprehensive services, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems. It covers diesel engines as well as complete propulsion systems for ships, heavy agricultural vehicles, rail and military vehicles. The product range now covers engines from 75 kW to 9000 kW.

As MTU also delivers complete propulsion systems the assortment is completed with modern, electronic control systems. To maintain the reputation of the developer of the newest solutions, MTU also continuously develops novelties for the fuel-injection system.


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Rail vehicles   

Engines MTU developed and manufactured have been chugging along as far back as 1924, and since 1950 we have delivered more than 16,500 engines for drive systems and electricity generation in railway vehicles worldwide.

Together with locomotive manufacturers MTU has already developed technology that will be used in the future. Together with the manufacturers MTU is  able to deliver more ecological power, efficiency and reliability.


Construction and industrial applications

It is easy to progress on paved streets and paths or in open terrain. Success is more difficult to achieve in areas with harsh conditions, but it is possible. To do this, you need high-class products and dependable partners.

MTU offers reasons to marvel, time and again for the manufacturer and the end-user: with the internal solutions of the engines, they are reliable, economical and the service life is long.


Mining has its own laws and other dimensions.

  • huge stretches
  • immense masses
  • extreme temperatures
  • unimaginable tasks

Whoever wants to prove themselves in this situation – whether human or machine – must be strong, hard, tough, and persevering.A challenge that only a few master. MTU are amongst them.

Our engines have a long history of proving themselves in mining applications around the globe. Day in and day out, under extreme conditions, in hard continuous operation.


Agricultural machines

For agricultural solutions compromises are needed: engines that are really light, built into a small space or integrated into the computer-based control systems of the machine. MTU manages to fulfil the needs of the customer manufacturing engines for versatile purposes. Technology for which we provide the drive: reliable, economical, strong in the field.

Commercial vessels

Regardless of where, why, and how you travel with your ship: MTU provides a safe journey. Thousands of our diesel engines are used all over the world on oceans, seas, and rivers – as main and auxiliary propulsion or as power engines for providing electricity. MTU also delivers aggregates to electrical diesel vessels.

Governmental vessels

Security must never be compromised. Navies, coastguards, police, and other government agencies fulfil this mission – worldwide, around the clock. MTU provides them with support in the form of solutions that are individually customised to their often complex needs. For decades we have developed, produced, and overseen complete drive and on-board power systems for military and governmental vessels. Since 1950 MTU has – together without its predecessor companies – delivered over 10,000 units to almost every navy in the world!


If you want to go yachting in the world’s most beautiful archipelago, navigate slowly towards the sunset or feel the excitement of speed, MTU knows how to make the yachts moving. It is therefore not by chance that MTU engines are of the highest renown in shipyards, and amongst owners and crews.

Oil & Gas industry

For over 30 years MTU has supplied customers with ht highest possible level of safety. Whether in stationary or mobile operation, drives for pumps or generators, on-shore or off-shore, our drive concepts are versatile and convincing.