Generating sets – To keep work going

Generating sets and stand-by generators are used to ensure the functionality of critical systems, the running of production, or a controlled shut-down and safe evacuation of personnel, for example in the event of a power failure at an event or shopping centre.

Our generating sets and prime power generators can produce electricity at sites where access to the electric grid is unfeasible or impossible.

Power outages can cause significant financial losses at production facilities and put lives at risk in hospitals.


Fire pumps act as the heart of an extinguishing system

The heart of an extinguishing system is typically a pump that ensures the availability of water in case of fire. Should the fire pump not work as expected or its water throughput not meet the needs of the system, the system will fail to work as intended. It is our goal to ensure that your fire pump always works, as it should.

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The maintenance of stand-by power generators and fire pumps is easy and care-free for you. We will carry out all maintenance tasks according to a set schedule and high standards, after which our expert will provide you with a clear report, recommendations for possible follow-up procedures, and an invoice. We also react quickly to emergencies.

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to ensure that everything works when needed. If any defects are detected, they will be either repaired immediately or, in the case of larger repairs, a recommendation will be made.

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