TELVA History

1936 Walter Berger founded TELVA, the shipyard in Blekholmen (Valkosaari)

1936 Archimedes engines sales start in the current Helsinki stock exchange


1947 The son of Walter, John Henrik Berger is appointed CEO

1948 Engine and boat repair and maintenance business starts

1952 Mercedes-Benz Marine Diesel re-seller agreement to TELVA

1954 Johnson engines import and TELVA brand boat export to the USA starts

1956 First FDF vessel with TELVA engine launched

1960 TELVA’s new facilities and shipyard in Lauttasaari

1969 MTU-Diesel re-seller agreement to TELVA

1972 The son of John Henrik, Georg Berger is appointed CEO

1976 Buster re-seller agreement to TELVA

1993 Nimbus motorboats and Maxi sailboats re-seller agreement to TELVA

2002 ITO-05 delivery to FDF, FDPS is founded

2010 Boat business is sold, TELVA moves to Arentitie

          Tapani Hollmén is appointed CEO

2016 Sabina Hollmén, the daughter of Georg Berger, is appointed Chairman of the Board

2018 Sabina and Tapani Hollmén become owners of TELVA