Polish Forcepol appointed Telva distributor for Obsidian™ IR light

AThe Polish company Forcepol, on March 20th, has signed an agreement to act as official distributor for Telva’s lighting products in Poland. Forcepol is an experienced and renowned partner in both civilian and military markets, known especially for its high-quality products and professional service.

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Telva has sold its share in Suomen Diesel Voima Oy

Telva has sold its share in Suomen Diesel Voima Oy to Swedish Tech Group Lagercrantz. The management team of Suomen Diesel Voima will continue in the company with minority ownership.
Telva’s and Suomen Diesel Voima’s maintenance- and project co-operations will continue also after the acquisition.

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Våpensmia appointed Telva representative for Obsidian™ IR light

As of October 2023, Norwegian fine-mechanical production company Våpensmia has signed an agreement to act as official representative for Telva’s lighting products in Norway. Våpensmia is a renowned and regarded supplier of high-quality optical sights, technical weapon equipment and maintenance services.

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Vonk B.V. appointed Telva distributor for Obsidian™ IR light

On November 22, 2023, Telva announced, together with Dutch company Vonk B.V., the start of commercial co-operation for Telva’s
lighting products. This comes in following of the product launch of Obsidian™, Telva’s revolutionary IR light with limited and controlled range, in August 2023

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Telva signs reseller contract with OSPL Nederland

As of September 2023, Telva has entered into an agreement to act as official reseller for OSPL Nederland B.V., the TEMPEST specialists, in Finland. OSPL is a manufacturer and supplier of TEMPEST, rugged and secure equipment to government agencies and authorities worldwide.

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Telva launches Obsidian™ limited range IR light

On August 22nd, 2023, Telva announced the launch of Obsidian™, a revolutionary IR lighting device. Obsidian is a unique illuminator, because it exhibits a very limited and controllable range, making it virtually undetectable from afar. The launch of the first member of Telva’s Obsidian product family coincides with the opening of DALO Industry Days 2023, the defence sector event held in Ballerup, Denmark.

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Telva and Light Structures sign sales agreement

Telva is proud to start representing Norwegian Light Structures’ products in Finland. Light Structures is the worlds’ leading supplier of fiber optic condition monitoring systems. The systems can be used for example for monitoring general hull stress.



We have switched to geothermal heat

Telva continues to invest in emission-free energy. Our solar panel system on the roof of our office has been in use for several years, we changed all our indoor lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting, and as the latest measure we have switched to geothermal heating.
According to calculations, with the help of the investment, we will reduce the need for energy by approximately 125,000 kWh annually and at the same time reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 25,000 kg.
We will closely monitor the behavior of electricity consumption after the transition to geothermal heat, the goal is to keep the increase in consumption as small as possible.
The project succeeded almost on schedule, which can be considered a success in this market situation. The work and installations were handled in a friendly and neat manner throughout the project. Thanks to Lämpödiileri for a good project!

More information: Tapani Hollmén / Telva and Olavi Valkonen / Lämpödiileri






Kristofer Potrykus has started as part of our sales team in August. He has versatile experience in both technical and defense industrial trading, and has a customer-oriented and solution-oriented attitude. We are happy to welcome him to our team.



Long cooperation

On June 9, 1952, Telva’s founder Walter Berger signed a cooperation agreement with Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft for the import of marine diesel engines to Finland. 70 years have passed since the signing of the agreement. Over the years, Telva has supplied thousands of engines for boats and various industrial machines. Many things have changed over the years, but still Telva supplies MTU’s marine diesels to Finnish official boats – with the world’s oldest continuously valid distributor agreement.




iXblue as part of the Squadron 2020 project

The Finnish Navy has chosen iXblue, represented by Telva, to deliver Phins series inertial navigation systems and Netans data distribution units as part of the Navy’s Squadron 2020 project. In the project, the Finnish shipyard Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) will build four Ostrobothnia-class multipurpose corvettes. Together with the current Hamina-class missile boats, they form the backbone of the Finnish Navy. Furuno will supply the future ships with a fully integrated navigation system. The choice is based on the excellent navigation ability and effective connectivity with weapon systems of iXblue’s Phins series. In addition, important features of the Phins series gyroscope are very good directional control, slow position drift and proven compatibility with the combat system and its subsystems. The Phins series is an inertial navigation system based on fiber optic gyro technology. The fiber optic roller has no moving parts, so it does not need proactive maintenance, resulting in significant savings for users in the long term. iXblue has continuously improved the accuracy and reliability of these buoys, thanks to which the navies of more than 40 countries have chosen iXblue’s navigation solutions for their ships. Netans, on the other hand, is a COTS-based data distribution unit used for data type conversion and data transfer. “Sincere thanks to Furuno, RMC and the Finnish Navy for their trust in iXblue’s inertial solutions. These solutions have shown excellent performance at high latitudes. We look forward to working with Furuno, the leading fleet system integrator, to enable these capabilities to be used in the Finnish Navy’s future Ostrobothnia-class multipurpose corvettes,” says Enzo Aldrovandi, iXblue’s sales manager.




In the beginning of January, we welcomed Hannu Parviainen at Telva as HSEQ Manager.

Hannu has more than 15 years of experience in various HSEQ positions (quality manager and HSEQ expert) in the metal and electronics industry and in the construction of railway infrastructure. Hannu has also worked in procurement for more than 10 years (buyer, purchasing manager) in the metal and electronics industry and rail network infrastructure products and project deliveries. At Telva, Hannu’s will focus on maintaining and developing HSEQ matters and participating in various projects. Warmly welcome!




Telva starts co-operation with Spectral Engines GmbH

Telva has signed a co-operation contract to represent the products of Spectral Engines in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

The company got its start in the laboratories of the Aalto University in Helsinki and was sold to the German Company Spectral Engines in 2016.

The company has developed a sensor, that identifies different substances. Area of use is for example, identification of drugs in field work. The Tactiscan – scanner is small, fast and easy to use, and identifies different drugs even through a plastic bag. This makes the work a lot safer, easier and faster for police, border guards and custom workers. The Tactiscan scanner is connected to the cloud, which makes the analyses of substance fast, easy and safe. The information can also easily be shared between different governments and authorities.

For more information on this product, please contact Jan Forsstedt, jan.forsstedt(at)


The 5 Watts lights have been admitted a NSN code!

The NSN code or NATO Stock Number, is based on a system, developed in the US at the end of the 1940-ies.
The system is identifying all the ‘standardized material items of supply’ as they have been recognized by all NATO countries including United States Department of Defense. Through this system the products are easy to order for all countries that take part of the system.
In Finland, the 5 Watts LED-worklights are in governmental use.

The NSN codes for 5 Watts:

5 Watts Wide: 6260-58-001-6482
5 Watts Hybrid: 6260-58-001-6279

At the same time Telva was admitted the NCAGE company code: A985G.



Let Telva take care of your Data Protection Officer tasks

Prakticum www. will outsource their Data Protection Officer tasks to Telva.
The DPO are independent data protection experts who are responsible for monitoring an organisation’s compliance, informing it of, and advising on its data protection obligations, and acting as a contact point for data subjects and the relevant supervisory authority.

We also offer trainings on the subject, adapted to your organisation’s needs.

The trainings are handled by Michael Forsstedt, based on more than 20 years of experience in this field. He is also a qualified teacher and KNX-trainer.

For more information, please contact:
Technical support, trainer Michael Forsstedt: +358 (0) 207 939 356
CEO, Tapani Hollmén: +358 (0) 207 939 306



Telva and Våpensmia to cooperate

Våpensmia from Norway is a fine mechanical manufacturing company with a CNC (computerized numerical control) based production.

Their main business area consists of development and production of weaponry, optical sights and other services for defence and law enforcement.

Våpensmia has since 1988 met the requirements for quality set by the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency. Today Vapensmia is audited according to  AQAP 2110 Ed D. In addition to supplying the Norwegian armed forces, the company is exporting defence products to foreign NATO and PfP nations.

Most of the products are developed in conjunction with the Norwegian Defence. Våpensmia also develops and produces different components for companies within the defense industry, both in Norway and abroad.

For more information on products, that can be purchased through Telva:


For more information, please contact:

Senior Sales Manager Jussi-Petri Hirvonen, +358 (0) 207 939 363

CEO Tapani Hollmén, +358 (0) 207 939 306


Telva and Glaucus sign contract for cooperation

We are happy to welcome a new product in our portfolio.
Danish Glaucus ApS develops and manufactures solutions for maintenance during field operations. FRSN (Forward Repair System NATO) is a dismountable maintenance module built on a reinforced logistics flat rack. The FRSN allows combat repair teams to go forward to the location  of a downed combat or tactical vehicle and repair it on-site.

Glaucus is a perfect complement to our high-standard product portfolio of safety and defence products.

More information on the product:


Telva starts collaboration with Continest

Telva is proud to start a collaboration with Hungarian Continest, a producer or inventive, high quality movable extra spaces. The foldable containers are suitable for situations where you fast and easy need high standard extra space.

They are suitable for example for work sites, field operations, production facilities and at big events, where they can be used as accommodation, ticket office, office space, first aid station, security office etc.

The containers are of very high quality and representable, inside and out.

The upside of this inventive products is seen when moving and /or storing the containers. The containers are easily and fast folded together, and on one truck you can fit 18 containers, in racks of 6, instead of a normal 3.

This is also very practical when the containers need ot be stored between events. You can stack up to 10 containers on top of each other, and the take up the same floor space as one normal container.

For more information: and



We are happy to announce that Micael Forsstedt will be reinforcing our team at Telva.

Micael Forsstedt is appointed Technical Support engineer, from the beginning of June 2020. He will be in charge of our electronical workshop, as well as training.

Micael has thorough knowledge of training and electronical technics. He comes to Telva from the Vocational Institute of Prakticum where he worked for almost 24 years as a teacher of Electric power, electronics, and building automation the last 4 years at Prakticum he was the IT manager and during his career also responsible for several other areas at the school.



We are happy to announce that Mr. Ari Grönroos (Col ret) has joined our team at Telva as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Grönroos retired from the Defence Forces two years ago. As his last assignment he held the post of Inspector of Ground Based Air Defence of Air Forces. At Telva Mr. Grönroos will focus on Defence and Security business.


At your service from the offices and from the home office

At TELVA we have decided that everyone who can, continues work from the home office. We want to make sure that we can continue serving you as best as possible during these special times.

Your contact persons will continue helping you, but due to the fast-changing circumstances, answering e-mails and phone calls might take a bit longer than normal. Getting answers from our partners, might also take longer than normal.

Right now we are still able to deliver within normal delivery times.

Please contact us, should you have any questions regarding deliveries, orders or payments terms. We aim to be as flexible as possible, but communication and anticipation is key now, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Stay safe and healthy.


Telva and Candela Speed Boat start cooperation.

Oy Telva Ab and Swedish Candela Speed Boat Ab have signed a contract for marketing fully electrical, foiling day cruisers in Finland.

Candela Speed Boat is a 100% electrical, foiling speed boat, that has reinvented boating.

The light weight of the hull, together with foils and the newest battery technology from the car industry enables a fully electrical boat, that for the first time can compete with fossile boats in terms of range and speed. The range on one charge is 50 NM, at 22 knots speed. On top of this the Candela is silent, economical to drive and flies ecologically through the waves, without making a wake itself. Charging of the boat is possible at any peer with electricity.

Read more on the Candela:


Telva aloittaa yhteistyön RH Marinen kanssa.

RH Marine on hollantilainen laiva-automaatio- ja navigaatiojärjestelmien toimittaja. Yritys suunnittelee, integroi ja toimittaa räätälöityjä laivajärjestelmiä merivoimien ja rajavartioston laivoille sekä megajahdeille ja muille erikoisaluksille maailmanlaajuisesti.

RH Marinen päätuotteita ovat integroidut komentosillat ja navigointijärjestelmät, koneistovalvonta ja laiva-automaatioratkaisut (integrated platform management systems), sähkönjakelujärjestelmät mm. päätaulut, sekä hybridienergian hallinta aluksilla (hybrid power management).

Telva edustaa RH Marinea ja tukee heidän toimintansa Suomessa.

RH Marine on osa Pon Holdings-yhtiöitä.