TELVA as an employer

TELVA is a family owned company founded in 1936 and currently owned and run by the fourth generation.

This is reflected and felt in our working environment, our targets are long-term, and employment relationships are often long.

Our mission is to find and implement the best solutions on the market for our customers. Achieving this requires initiative, creativity and courage from our personell.



Our leadership is based on trust and we encourage our employees to find their own solutions and to challenge and develop existing practices. As an employee, you influence the content of your work, the success of your clients and the company. Our projects offer both great challenges and a great deal of responsibility.

Teamwork has an important role in our organization, and we value people who want to work together to achieve our goals. It is in our company culture to rejoice in our achievements and successes, both small and large. Together, we deliver the best solutions on the market!

The safety, well-being and maintenance of energy levels of our staff, is a priority for us – only through these can we succeed in our business.

We guarantee a safe work environment and believe that healthy and satisfied employees will be more successful and contribute to a creative and efficient work community. It is important to have a good work-life balance. That is why we offer our employees benefits that help them improve their well-being and the work-life balance.